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Performance Property Management is a seasoned, fully integrated Real Estate firm specializing in Property Management, Corporate Relocation and full Service Real Estate.

We pride ourselves on adopting technology platforms to continuously move the industry forward and stay ahead of the competition. With a “tech forward” approach to managing properties, dedication and investment in customer services and long servicing industry partnerships we provide real estate solutions that innovative, efficient and most importantly extremely customer friendly.

In an industry typically focused on sales at the expense of customer service, Performance Property Management ensures customers have a dedicated team available 24 hours a day. Whether clients are purchasing their first home, looking for investment property management or relocating to Ontario, PPM support is present throughout all platforms of our client relationship.

Property Management Services

Performance Property Management has evolved to become one of Toronto’s largest full service Residential and Commercial property management companies.

Our goal is to maximize profit on your investment property, while consistently, simultaneously providing personal service.

By offering an honest service-based experience, cost-effective programs, and ongoing investment in software technology, Performance Property Management continues to distinguish itself among competitors.


PPM Competition
Leasing Fee 1/2 months rent 1 months rent
Management Fee 6% 8% - 10%
Setup Fee Included $150 - $250
Lease Renewals Included 1 months rent
Non-Residency Tax Filing $50 N/A
Semi Annual Inspection Included $75 - $150
Vacancy Inspections $50 $50 - $200
MLS Listings Included N/A

Full Service Real Estate - 1% Commission

Toronto’s real estate market is the most active in Canada. The perpetual changes demand critical and astute assessment to ensure maximum return on investment.

By working with the PerformancePM Team, you not only receive superior service from experienced professionals but a selling commission rate as low as 1%. 

We use a team approach with everything we do. Teamwork ensures the Sales department is focusing on leads and closing deals; Customer Service Representatives respond to and resolve owner and/or tenant phone calls and emails; and, our Marketing team assesses and implements the best strategy for maximizing the sale of property.

Whether you’re looking to sell, purchase or rent, PPM’s Real Estate team can help. 



Performance PM
1% Commission


Average Competition
2.5% Commission


Tenant Placement Services

Finding the perfect property is the top priority for our clients. Our market Relocation Specialists and in-house Real Estate Agents prepare the appropriate strategy for each client.  With a through assessment of the client needs, multiple properties are automatically delivered to you. Depending on preference, customers can receive a customized virtual tour within minutes or make an on-site visitation of the property.  Need a ride?  We can pick you up. 


"I have been a client of Performance Management for years now and they manage rental properties for me and my sister. Their level of service, attention to detail and the way they engage with me as their client is better than any property management service I have used in Toronto"Ali Karbassi

"I have been using Performance Property Management for over five years now, and I have to say that I am extremely grateful for the meticulous and personal attention they have given my condo, and the tenants that they have managed to find for me"Dan Low

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